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Default Cheap wired-only router

Theo wrote:

Andy Burns wrote:

peak download about 76Mbps
gets one core to 98% the other to 33%

Ouch, that's pretty awful. I'd expect a gigabit router to get somewhere
near line speed.

The VDSL line speed in that case being the 76Mbps, allowing for whatever
fudge factor plusnet apply to get to IP profile from sync speed.

Maybe not with tiny packets, but I wouldn't expect it to
be hammered just pushing basic traffic through.

When copying about 500MB of files from a samba share on a wired PC to
the same wifi laptop, it gets about 150Mbps and each core is about 50%
loaded, but it's not clear where the CPU usage is being chalked up to,
some is still hostapd, some ksoftirqd, but they only add up to about 25%
according to htop.

Remove wifi from the equation at the laptop end and the router CPU stays
under 5%, throughput exceeds 700Mbps on large files, not sure what the
bottleneck is at that point, all files should be comfortably cached on
the samba side, but average throughput maybe 250Mbps.

Maybe I'll try some iperf tests instead ...