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Default Cheap wired-only router

On 02/08/2019 12:48, Java Jive wrote:
On 02/08/2019 01:58, Andy Burns wrote:

Remove wifi from the equation at the laptop end and the router CPU
stays under 5%, throughput exceeds 700Mbps on large files, not sure
what the bottleneck is at that point, all files should be comfortably
cached on the samba side, but average throughput maybe 250Mbps.

As it happens, for comparison ...

I have been forced to reconfigure my two Zyxel NSA 221 NASs* -* because,
for historical reasons too tedious and irrelevant to go into here,
originally I had configured the two HDs in each as separate volumes, one
of which is now full, so I have either to buy two bigger HDs or, as I
have decided, reconfigure each of them to create one virtual volume
across both disks* -* and, unfortunately, for each NAS this means
deleting the volume on each individual HD, and then creating a single
volume spanning both.* So the procedure is:
****1*** Reconfigure one;
****2*** Copy all the data back across from the other;
****3*** Reconfigure the other;
****4*** Copy all the data back across from the one.
Currently I'm at stage 2.

The two NASs have gigabit ports and are connected via gigabit cables to
a D-Link DGS-1008D gigabit switch, so, once their IPs have been
configured, traffic passing between them doesn't have to go via the
router, only via the switch.

I've calculated that the copy is happening at approximately
****139.2GB/day = 5.8GB/hr = 792Mbps.

Duh! Distracted while I was writing this and sent it prematurely. I
forgot to divide again by 60 to convert the rate from per minute to per
second, so it's much less than that, which explains why each copying
stage is taking so long. I think the limited resources of the NASs are
limiting the rate well below that of the network. So the complete
calculation should have been:
139.2GB/day = 5.8GB/hr = 13.2Mbps