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Default Zen Internet Nationwide Outage

On Mon, 3 Feb 2020 09:31:19 +0000, ""

Apparently went down around 04:00 thismorning.
Zen Fibre at home is out and ADSL2 is also out at work.

Don't suppose anyone knows the reason for this major failure?

Downdetector only shows a few blips but nothing major. There appear to
have been a few incidents throughout the night including one at 0423
where they had two (yes just two) reports of a problem. There have
been a few slightly bigger peaks including one at 0823, where
apparently seven people reported problems.

That's an unusually high level of problem reports for Zen, but nothing
compared with most of the others. It's usually necessary to do a
search for Zen's problem graph on downdetector because it doesn't show
on their home screen otherwise, and it normally just flatlines.