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Default VOIP DECT base with answering machine

I'm looking to replace my PAP2 and fleet of wired-in Gigaset bases with
something that speaks DECT to the Gigaset handsets directly. It would be
useful for it to have answering machine capability in some way - either
traditional push-button on the unit/handset or some kind of voicemail.
As it'll be hooked up to multiple accounts and multiple providers, I'd
rather have the functionality at my end rather than rely on providers'

Currently on the shortlist is the Gigaset N300A IP.
In fact, that's the only one I can find with answering machine capability.
There are some newer Gigaset phones with a VOIP base, but I can't see

Or is there some cunningness that can be done with a Raspberry Pi or
whatever? (Bearing in mind it would still need to interface to the SIP to
DECT box)