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Default VOIP DECT base with answering machine

On 06/02/2020 13:41, Theo wrote:
I'm looking to replace my PAP2 and fleet of wired-in Gigaset bases with
something that speaks DECT to the Gigaset handsets directly. It would be
useful for it to have answering machine capability in some way - either
traditional push-button on the unit/handset or some kind of voicemail.
As it'll be hooked up to multiple accounts and multiple providers, I'd
rather have the functionality at my end rather than rely on providers'

Currently on the shortlist is the Gigaset N300A IP.
In fact, that's the only one I can find with answering machine capability.
There are some newer Gigaset phones with a VOIP base, but I can't see

N300AIP works well.
I use Voipfone for all incoming calls for which a few quid a month for a
number to make use of all the glorious features is money well spent,
their network AM is superb especially having messages e-mailed

Only thing to be aware of is Gigaset handsets don't necessarily allow
access to all base station features e.g. Answer Machine. Also I've
found I've needed to use a handset sold with the base station to remove
older handsets once they've been registered so buying an N300AIP with a
single handset will ensure you can carry out essential tasks on the base
station but don't forget your existing handsets still might not be able
to access base or network voicemail.

When my home S68H handsets started to die I found it was just as cheap
to buy 2 x "duo" Gigaset packages as buying 1 x "quad" package.
Same number of handsets with a spare Go-Box in reserve, which was
actually re-purposed to hook up my mothers old "big number" gigaset
handsets to allow VoIP when her landline kept failing and how I know
about the need to have a correct handset for the box to enable specific
activities etc.