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Default VOIP DECT base with answering machine

On Saturday, 8 February 2020 23:03:03 UTC, Chris Green wrote:
Gigaset handsets in general have weird ways of doing things. One of
the silliest I came across recently is that you can't de-register a
handset from the base station from the handset you want to
de-register. You can only do it from another handset.

I think it depends on the model. Only top end handsets can deregister anything.

Also the directory is independent for each handset so adding a number
on one handset doesn't get copied to the others.

True, but there is a simple directory copy function.

While one *might* want hadsets to be this independent surely the
default is that they all act the same.

Well only if they are, I have three different types and come across several others.

Chris Green