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Default John Lewis broadband service.

Woody wrote:
On Wed 12/02/2020 15:07, Mark Undrill wrote:
On 12/02/2020 14:37, Tufnell Park wrote:

Does anyone have any experience of using John Lewis's broadband service?

Good, bad or indifferent?

I am thinking of moving to them but can't find many reviews.


As far as I know it's re-badged Plusnet.


Depends if you want something fast and cheap or something fast that will
get fixed quick if it goes wrong and where the price doesn't keep
rising. If the latter then have a look at Zen.

There are a lot of haters of plusnet on here, but I've found them to be
reliable and very good value. Every time I renegotiate my contract it's
cheaper than before. Yes Zen is probably better, but it would have to be to
justify the price.