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Default John Lewis broadband service.

Tim+ wrote:
Marmaduke Jinks wrote:
"Tufnell Park" wrote in message

Does anyone have any experience of using John Lewis's broadband service?

Good, bad or indifferent?

I am thinking of moving to them but can't find many reviews.


I'm with them for telephone too.

You'll find that if there's an issue with not seeing all the posts on a news
group server they won't want to know. They seem to have Chinese walls
between their own PlusNet operation and their John Lewis client. I have an
issue at the moment where I can see posts using eternal-september that have
not come through on the John Lewis one.

John Lewis have a news server? I'm amazed. Most ISPs have dropped them. I
would regard an ISP provided new server as an unexpected bonus. It
certainly wouldn't influence my choice of ISP.

Yes, I was surprised to see that. When BT did offer a bundled news server,
it was actually Giganews. That arrangement stopped in 2014.