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Default Changing DNS PTR entries

David Rance wrote:
Does anyone know of a company that will allow me to change my DNS PTR

I have operated my own email server for some ten years now without any
problems but because ESPs are clamping down on spam, etc., they have
brought in draconian rules which are now preventing me from sending mail
to, notably, any gmx accounts. So there are a number of my contacts that
I can now no longer communicate with, simply because they have a gmx

Gmx are using what is said to be a deprecated method of validating
email, i.e. they are checking the reverse DNS (PTR) and which has to
agree with the domain name. 123-reg, who do allow customers to make DNS
changes to their domain, tell me that they don't allow customers to
change the PTR entry and so I'm wondering if there are any other
companies that will allow me to do that.

I've tried putting a PTR entry in the SPF policy but that doesn't work.

I would be grateful for (ahem!) any pointers!

Do I understand correctly that you operate your own mail server on your
own premises? And your public IP address is static, and not provided by

If so the best solution is to configure your mail server to send through - that way your emails will appear to come from the
IP address associated with, which will be the same as
the IP address of your domain hosted with 123-reg.

If this is a MS server they generally call it "smart relay".

Graham J