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On 14/02/20 16:53, Java Jive wrote:
On 14/02/2020 16:17, Woody wrote:

On Fri 14/02/2020 16:16, Graham J wrote:
NY wrote:

I always prefer to use Ethernet rather than wifi for anything if
there's the choice ;-) If it involves drilling holes through walls or
ceilings to run Cat 5, wifi is usually considerably easier...

Easier and reliable are often mutually exclusive !

Given an access point is only a few feet away the other side of a wall I
doubt I will have any signal issues!

But you may have security issues - there have been cases of thieves
and other criminals hacking into WiFi connected security cameras and
using them to spy on the occupants of the house, so that they know when
it's safe to break in! This can't happen with a cabled ethernet connection.

Out of interest, could you use a powerline adaptor to carry the signal
from, for example, the loft to anywhere in the house? That might limit
the holes needed for the Ethernet cable to just one - from the loft to
the camera (on the assumption that there is usually a ring main cable
accessible in the loft) to connect one powerline adaptor to. Also, the
powerline to powerline transmission is encrypted, so hacking is unlikely.