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NY wrote:
"Woody" wrote in message
On Fri 14/02/2020 16:16, Graham J wrote:
NY wrote:
I always prefer to use Ethernet rather than wifi for anything if there's
the choice ;-) If it involves drilling holes through walls or ceilings
to run Cat 5, wifi is usually considerably easier...

Easier and reliable are often mutually exclusive !

True. Going between one room and another by Ethernet involves drilling a
hole through a wall, big enough to take an RJ45 plug as well as the cable

Not really, it's not that difficult to DIY etherenet UTP cables, all
you have to do is thread the cable and then crimp the RJ45 on the end.

(I've tried IDC plugs that you crimp onto the wires, but it was incredibly
fiddly to get all the wires to stay in the right order as I crimped), or

Ah, sorry, just do it a few times and it becomes easier.

Chris Green