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Default Powerline brands to avoid?

On 14/05/2020 14:47, Martin Brown wrote:
On 14/05/2020 14:28, Chris wrote:

My daughter is being moved to WFH with a work supplied PC in two days.
Her room is a fair distance from the router meaning that wifi may not
be reliable enough - although she streams films all the time. So am
considering powerline rather than run ethernet cables through the
house and down a floor.

Given the short notice I don't have time to consider what is best,
only what to avoid. So are there any brands to definitely avoid?

Argos are local and have TP-Link pass-through ones in stock. Reasonable?

They look like a newer 600Mbps version of the 300M ones I have had for

Never had any bother with them. Basically plug and play wired equivalent
but without having to run any physical wire. Mine actually works at a
reduced speed across two independent ring mains of different
distribution boards one for the extension and one for the main house. I
didn't really expect it to work that well but was pleasantly surprised.

The link speed to the extension is still way faster then my ADSL
internet service at 5Mbps so browsing and zoom are fine even there.
Wifi struggles to get signal through some of my thicker walls.

Thanks. Ordered a set. We'll see how it goes tonight.