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Default WiFi dongle driver please

Thankyou for your reply.
From the URL that you referenced:

Device Manager shows: 802.11ac NIC
Device manager- Properties - Details - Hardware IDs shows

USBDeview shows:
Device Name: Port#0004.Hub_#0008
Description: 802.11ac NIC
Device type: Vendor Specific
Connected: No
Safe to Unplug: No
Disabled: No
USB Hub: No
Serial Number: 123456
Created Date: 21/05/2020
Last Plug/Unplug: 21/05/2020
VendorID: 0bda
ProductID: c811
Firmware Revision: 2.00
USB Class: ff
USB Subclass: ff

VendorID 0bda seems to refer to Realtek. I went to their website and
all that they offered was a DriverFinder which would not install.

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