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Default plusnet web site down

"Andy Burns" wrote in message
tim... wrote:

Due to a cock up my DD got refused this week

so I have to pay manually

but each time I try I get :

"Cannot reach this page"

I gave them some slack yesterday as it was Sunday,

but it's still down today

anyone else seeing this?

No, I can see the main website, and login to the member centre ok

Further investigation reveals that:

a) the line in the mail that said I have 14 days to pay is a lie

b) my service is downgraded the instant that the payment became overdue and
stupidly, the first website that is blocked is the one where I must go to
make my late payment

It was only 8 pounds

I was hardly going to do a runner.

Incidentally, when I got logged in it offered me a "special offer" to
renew my contract for 24 months at 1/m cheaper than I get now, when I
clicked yes, it said "Sorry, the offer you selected doesn't apply" and
wanted 8/m more than I'm currently paying!

when I first rang up to sort this, I tried to explain to the guy that the
reason that my DD failed was because, as I was on a special introductory
discount and I paid my Line rental via "line saver" monthly billing had been
zero and the bank cancelled the DD for lack of use

He didn't really understand the problem and suggested, "let me see if I can
find you a new deal so that you can continue paying nothing each month"!

To which I said, "that's very nice of you but doesn't solve the problem of
the missed payment".

"Perhaps I will take you up on that offer later"

How PN survives with offers like that, I have no idea