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Default plusnet web site down

On Monday, 22 June 2020 14:47:14 UTC+1, Andy Burns wrote:
tim... wrote:

Due to a cock up my DD got refused this week

so I have to pay manually

but each time I try I get :

"Cannot reach this page"

I gave them some slack yesterday as it was Sunday,

but it's still down today

anyone else seeing this?

No, I can see the main website, and login to the member centre ok

Incidentally, when I got logged in it offered me a "special offer" to
renew my contract for 24 months at 1/m cheaper than I get now, when I
clicked yes, it said "Sorry, the offer you selected doesn't apply" and
wanted 8/m more than I'm currently paying!

Well it is part of BT. They serially renege. Last year my free 18 months broadband contract (with free BT Sport) ran out, so I rang up to negotiate again. Got a price for the broadband and the TT said and you can have BT Sport of 3 per month for a year. Great I said, I will take it. Just 16 days later they hiked the price to 7.50p per month (later 10), so I quickly cancelled.