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Chris Green
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Default plusnet web site down

PeeGee wrote:
On 23/06/2020 08:56, tim... wrote:

"Chris Green" wrote in message
tim... wrote:

No, I can see the main website, and* login to the member centre ok

Further investigation reveals that:

a) the line in the mail that said I have 14 days to pay is a lie

It's not a 'lie', it's an error.


that's a matter of opinion

.... or a matter of intent.

Yes, that's probably right. Given that it's a 'corporate' error/lie I
suspect it may almost be down in the 'sins of omission' area! :-)
I.e. someone entering stuff about some change or other just typed the
standard "14 days to pay" without even thinking about whether it was
correct or relevant in that particular case.

Chris Green