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Default BB Providers - ADSL to FTTP

On Tue, 23 Jun 2020 12:58:48 +0100, Graham J wrote:

David wrote:
Currently on ADSL copper wires from Exchange but lots of activity to
put in FTTP from Exchange.

Plusnet do not do FTTP so Ill not be renewing with them this year and
I'd be interested to know what experience anyone has with:

A and A Zen Aquila

Initially on ADSL but then to upgrade to FTTP (probably within a
contract period but staying with the same provider.)

Thanks for any help/experiences you care to share - including whether
or not existing phone line number can be ported to them from Plus.

A&A are excellent, if a little expensive. Very knowledgeable; if you
ring in with a technical problem you probably get to speak to the same
person that you talked to previously.

Zen are Very Good. If there is a widespread problem they might take up
to 10 minutes to answer your call; and again they are very knowlegeable.
They are also happy for you to use your own router rather than insist
on the one they provide (in general - I don't know about FTTP). Sensible
billing, clearly understandable, especially if you have line rental and
calls - a marked improvement on BT for example. No knowledge of how
they implement calls over FTTP and whether they can take over your
existing landline number. But you can ring and ask: they will
understand the question.

Thanks Graham - helpful feedback there.

Aquila - no knowledge of them.

Probably 'cos I got the name wrong - *Aquiss*

Where are you that you can get FTTP and why can't I have it?

We're in North Yorkshire - I'm sure that you'll be welcomed to the County
when you move to get your FTTP :-)