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Default Plusnet "reward card"

"Chris" wrote in message
Hi all,

My PN contract is coming to an end and they're promoting their new deals
with the above-mentioned card. There are very few details what the reward
card is other than this in the small print:

ISTM that this is just a cashback offer

they used to offer cashback in the form of a cheque

now perhaps they send you this pre-funded card?

"The Plusnet Reward Card is issued by Blackhawk Network (UK) Ltd, an
Electronic Money Institution authorised in the UK by the Financial Conduct
Authority with Firm Reference Number 900023; pursuant to license from
Mastercard International."

This makes me think it's just a Mastercard cash card, but has anyone
actually got one of these and know if there are any limitations on what it
can be used for?

3. Where can I spend the money on my Plusnet Reward Card?

You can spend the money online and in most high street stores that display
the Mastercard® symbol. However, there are some limitations. The card can't
be used for:
..Cash withdrawal at a cash machine
..Cash back at a till
..Any Customer Activated Terminals (such as but not limited to [email protected], toll
roads, car parks or train ticket terminals)
..Subscriptions or automated periodic payments
..Foreign exchange bureaus