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Default when moving to fibre...

"Graham J" wrote in message
tim... wrote:
Will the old wired BB be turned off?

My Fibre is to be activated on Friday

but I've yet to receive the router

could be without a connection for the whole weekend

(Yes, booking it on a Friday was a silly idea)

If it's FTTC your copper pair will be rerouted through the nearby green
cabinet to the DSLAM for the FTTC service.

So how will the phone still work?

If your existing router will workk with VDSL it might reboot itself and
carry on.

I've been told by "the system" - it won't work

How it knows that, I have no idea.

They did supply the old router, but they can't exclude the possibility that
I have stopped using it and bought my own, can they?

I assumed that they were fundamentally different, but you are saying not.

But given that you've asked for a new router then probably your existing
router does not support VDSL.

I was told I needed a new one.

If its FTTP then probably the calls will be rerouted to the VoIP service
supported by the new router you've asked for. The old copper-based ADSL
service may still be active, in that your old router will say on Friday
that it has sync, and the authentication server might still respond to
your login - but without knowing the exact details I'm only guessing

It might be prudent to buy a suitable router from a local shop

I wouldn't know where to start - once I had found the shop, I'm, not that
stupid :-)

- having a spare can't hurt.

It can hurt my wallet