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Will the old wired BB be turned off?

My Fibre is to be activated on Friday

but I've yet to receive the router

could be without a connection for the whole weekend

(Yes, booking it on a Friday was a silly idea)

If it's FTTC your copper pair will be rerouted through the nearby green
cabinet to the DSLAM for the FTTC service.

So how will the phone still work?

The venerable copper cable to your home currently carries both voice and
data all the way from the exchange, perhaps several kilometres away. In the
new setup, the signals are split at the exchange, with voice still using
the old copper all the way. The data is sent separately over the newer
fibre cable to the roadside cabinet adjacent to the phone junction cabinet.
The two signals are then recombined and sent the last few hundred metres
over the old copper cable to your home. So your phone sees no difference.

The distance that the data has to travel over the old copper cable from the
street cabinet to your home will determine the speeds you get, as will the
condition of that cable (the insulation and junctions). So, if the cabinets
are right outside your front door, with new cable connecting you, you'll
get much higher speeds than if they're 500m away, connected by 1930s
telephone cables.