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Default UK drops down broadband speed rankings

Vir Campestris wrote:
On 04/09/2020 13:13, David wrote:
So 10 Gig plus on all interfaces and no contention. Yeah, right.

It doesn't matter. And I don't see speed as the limit anyway.

I've got 70Mbps. It's enough for most things - the only thing I do often
that takes much time is downloading a 70MB firmware image from work. and
that's not exactly painful.

I could upgrade (BT are offering me gigabit, I have a fibre) but what's
the point? It would save me 10 seconds a few dozen times a day.

What I can't do is run a machine here truly on the work network because
the _latency_ is too big. We have a shared compilation system
(Icecream), and that just wouldn't work properly with a ping of 10ms or so.

Agree. We've got 34Mbps down here and it's fine with three of us WFH. The
only reason it'd be worth upgrading for is the *up*load speed.