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Default PAYG SIM minutes don't run out - no monthly top up

On 11/09/2020 16:09, David wrote:
I'm looking for a backup SIM which will keep a phone going but not require
a monthly top up.

Ideally Vodaphone (to diversify networks) but retaining credit long term
is more important.


Dave R

GiffGaff on the O2 network

Their PAYG credit does not run out but it's not the cheapest PAYG

They also do "bags" (data bags and goody bags) which do run out after 30
days irrespective of usage but you don't have to purchase them.

You just need to put the basic PAYG credit on the SIM and make one call
every 6?? months to keep the SIM active.

I have a GiffGaff SIM in my burglar alarm which sends me "I'm still
working" text every 3 weeks (or "I've just been triggered text" for a
real alarm). I haven't topped that PAYG credit for over a year.

The throw away backup phone that I keep in the car also has a GG SIM
where the credit hasn't been topped up for over a year.

For my main phone I keep around 20 PAYG credit as a backup and when
expecting to make a lot, or long calls in a month I buy the occasional
goody bag for 6 which gives unlimited minutes and texts and a set
amount of data.

A PAYG top-up of 10 gives free calls to another GG user for 3 months.

If you go to their site just order the free SIM and DON'T sign up for a
plan. Once registered on the site you can add credit to the SIM without
buying a "bag".
Finding where the PAYG info can be difficult on their site because they
are pushing SIM only monthly contracts (goody/data bags from 6 to 25
You can also use credit, instead of a goodybag, on a pay as you go
basis. Unused credit will stay in your account until you've used it up.

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