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Default PAYG SIM minutes don't run out - no monthly top up

Robert wrote:
On 11/09/2020 16:43, Reentrant wrote:
On 11/09/2020 16:09, David wrote:
I'm looking for a backup SIM which will keep a phone going but not
a monthly top up.

Ideally Vodaphone (to diversify networks) but retaining credit long term
is more important.


Dave R

Giffgaff. You just have to make one chargeable call or text every 6
months to keep it "alive" and I think they warn you in good time before
they close the account. Topup credits last indefinitely (ie top up,
don't buy a monthly "goodybag"). It's ideal for low usage.

Runs on the O2 network.

Also Three's 321 tariff, topups do not run out. They also do a free
200MB per month data card.
I think everyone requires occasional usage to keep the SIM active.

Doesn't exist anymore.