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uk.telecom.broadband (UK broadband) (uk.telecom.broadband) Discussion of broadband services, technology and equipment as provided in the UK. Discussions of specific services based on ADSL, cable modems or other broadband technology are also on-topic. Advertising is not allowed.

Offcum has its Blue Peter moment with shiiite flying everywhere

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Old July 16th 18, 12:38 PM posted to uk.telecom.broadband,uk.misc,uk.politics.misc,uk.finance
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Default Offcum has its Blue Peter moment with shiiite flying everywhere

Offcum has its Blue Peter moment with shiiite flying everywhere


The Blue Peter moment occurred on BBC Live TV when an elephant
realizing it was the only elephant in the room started to
spray shiite in all direction on Live Teevee when live teeveee had
to be watched to get an idea how elephantine shiit spreads in
a small studio on live teevee. I mean this elephant ran
around gave plenty of shiiit and didn't take any of it back.

Fast forward to today, and offcum the shiite regulators of
telecum does the same thing under the spot light.

For years it has been told it is shiite. They come into work each
day and make Britain a worse shiite place to live in than previous day.

The proof is 35th below Madagascar an African satellite island.

So Offcum realizing it is the only elephant in the room
that is full of shiite decides to spread some shiiite around.
It gave a press briefing saying it was disappointed with letting
down UK to 35th position.

Last year it was disappointed again, and gave the shiite note about
concerns but this year they are disappointed and claims again
it has (fake) concernes?

Thats it?!

If I am concerned, I usually reach into my
trouser pocket and master bait profusely.

If I am doubly concerned, I fish out my krone tool
as start pulling out cables and connect them
back again master baiting with my krone tool as
fast as I can.

If I am triply comcerned, I would master bait faster
until the krone tool fell off.

So why didn't they fish out their krone tools
after claiming they were concerned and master bait
profusely until their tool fell off?

No point in listening to fake concerns of offcum.
Their staff come into world daily to make UK a worse
place than the previous day they were handed with.

What we need is offcum to be replaced with fiber only regulator.

Only organizations that represent fiber and those
that stand to benefit from fiber roll out may participate.
People with dual interests to represent such as 5G or
copper infrastructure need not apply.

BT causes widespread job losses in City because of its shiite Internet

BT (British Telecum) has caused massive job losses in the City.
30% down.
There is no gigabit symmetric fiber Internet in the City.
Thats why they can't invest in London.

Hindered by the shiite regulator Offcum which illegally
works to consodiate all the gigabit
symmetric fiber into one cumpany BT with around a million
gigabit fiber internet connections (while 100 million fibers
are prevented from entering the market with Offcum's illegal
Dark Fiber Tax - a tax which BT DOES NOT PAY) to fund private
company BT and its private pension black hole of 14 beeellliooon!!

Shiite internet in London whose structures are artificial
and architectured and provisioned by BT and its side
kicks offcum / openroach to milk money from startups
and city companies. So they all upped and gone home or to France and Germany.
No one can do an Internet startup like a new amazon,
google, or alibaba, Uber etc because in London the Internet is shiite.

So the City now invests out side of UK which means
massive job losses - 30% down on new recruits.

As each day passes, offcum, BT, Openroach staff attend offices
thinking up new ways to make Britain a shiiiteey place
because that is what they do all day previous day
and every day.

As if all the job losses in the City are not enough,
UK has fallen to 35th place behind African Island nation of


UK telecom industry workers are bunch of wahahahankers.

So says Madagascar.

So says the City with its feet.

We need offcum dismantled and/or new fiber only regulator which
phobits anyone with dual interest such as copper or 5G
from sitting in on policy and decision maker panels.

The City needs to get its fscking assp off the ground
and shift gear to remove Offcum and get new fiber startups
going in the City to install 30 10gbit symmetric fiber Internet
with one phone call if it wants new blood to make
new technology companies and to make sense of other
technological companies and their pitch to investors.

Shiite telecum workers make fake claims about the public

Shhiite telecum workers have gone on record
making fake claims that customers are buying cheap
Internet which they claim is holding it back.

Its the shiitt chancellor of UK along with the shiiite
offcum regulators that is holding UK back.

Apart from the lying shiites these telecum workers are,
there is apparently not a grain of truth to these claims.

It is fact that fiber links cabinets and from there
it costs under 150 per house average to put in
Internet bypassing the cabinet.
So put in fiber for x20 less cost than a cabinet+copper link.
Uses less duct space.
And then pretend its the ****ty copper service.
The customer will never know.
So if the symmetric 10gbit link went in for 150,
then you can rate limit it to 20mbits and charge them
10/m. All costs recovered in under 2 years and pure
profit after 10 customers switched over.

But of course the lying telecum shiiites won't.

They are working to make UK a shiittier place by
the end of the day than what they were handed down this morning.

Shiitte telecum in UK, 100 million unlit fiber not used because of shiite Dark Fiber Tax

Rest assured everybody, shiitte workers in Offcum regulator, BT (British Telecum),
and Openroach went to work today wearing ties, suit, lipstick and high heels
to make Britain a worse place than yesterday.

The shiites of telecum industry want to be paid for this service me thinks
while country off the coast of Africa Madagasgar now beating the shiite out of United Kingdom.

Digital Services never going to roll out by UK ministers.
BT Openroach Offcum fscks all the ministers who falsely
believe they are going to deliver anything of value starting with
the Chancellor who misleads parliament, ministers and MPs
turning in every to work to sign off for billions to BT to
make UK a shiiite Internet place worse off each day with the help of
a shiite chancellor who doesn't listen to any Fiber companies and
their opinions.


It now turns out BT Openroach through consolidation facilitation by offcum
have between them 1 million gigabit symmetric fiber Internet lines that are lit.

At least 100 million unlit fiber lines.
BT Offcum Openroach are shiite for government ROI because their ****ty illiterate Dark Fiber Tax.

Further unfilled capacity for 900 BILLION symmetric fiber Internet cable
laid in existing ducts.

And many fold further capacity in utilities such as electric, water, gas,
sewage, canals, tunnels such as underground train networks.
None of which can be put into play because of illegal Dark Fiber Tax
that Offcum gathers to fund BT's 14 billion private company pension hole
directly or indirectly that no other country has to artificially constrict
symmetric gigabit fiber Internet roll out.


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