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Default Metro Net - pay as you go DSL

I too am interested in Metronet, as are some friends.
I emailed them as follows, and they replied (very quickly i might add).
Just thought you mighy be interested. Any comments?

Myself and several friends are very interested in your PayGoDSL service.
We wondered how you are able to sustain such a service when BT charge ISPs
15 per month for an ADSL service. Obviously, we don't want to invest in a
service that may terminate after a few months, and some ISPs have previously
offered such deals that become unsustainable. We would like to hear your
comments on this subject.
Also, what size backbone connection you have? Do you have plans to expand
your bandwidth? If so, when would you be planning to do so?

And the reply:

Without going into the commercial specifics we are able to offer this kind
of package on a realistic and long term basis because of the way the
packages work essentially.

There are no absolutes any ISP is able to provide given the situation where
others have fallen by the wayside as you have alluded but suffice to say we
are not a new company and have been providing ISP services since 1996 and
therefore we have given or approach very considered thought and planning
both on the implemention of the service and the infrastructure that it
operates on.

As the way in which our Broadband services work better allows to monitor
traffic requirements and usage at every point in the day we are better
equipped to cope with bandwidth on demand at the Network level as needs

Ultmately as the service is the first of its kind in the UK we are as much
new to this as anyone else and are perfectly honest about this but given our
experience in the Internet Service field spanning 7 years we believe we have
packaged the new PAYGoDSL in such a way for it to be both sustainable and
viable long term.