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Default Metro Net - pay as you go DSL

On Fri, 4 Jul 2003 13:38, "rw" [email protected] wrote:

unless you really hitting mp3s etc, i thinked most users would be pushed at
downloading more than 5.5 GB every month...

Hmmm, without downloading any binaries, and only a few MB of PDFs, Windows
XP reports traffic on the network connection of 2.5 GB in 4 days of uptime.
I've not viewed any streaming video sources, but do listen to radio. Some
of the time I was connected via BT Midband, at 64k (just using up my first
and only tenner's worth of connect time - wanted to check it before giving
any client advice to try it :-)

I suppose Metronet would be unhappy at it being suggested as primarily a
'backup' connection, since they're no doubt expecting the bulk of users to
be exceeding the 15 pounds level, or making their loot from firms expecting
low usage on a high speed connection, (but then finding they like it and not
looking around for cheaper ISP service!). Peter M.