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Default 2mb for under 30 - bullbog

In an article dated Thu, 17 Jul 2003 20:53:53 +0100,
Andrew Jones made the earth move by saying......

"Andy Jenkins" wrote in message
Before getting your hopes up to high I think you'll find that the
offer/service is only in specified areas & not ever the whole of the
DSL network...

Correct, and that is despite their 'checker' leading you to believe
that the service is available.

I ordered that today. This is the email I received from them :

Dear xxxxxxxx
17 July 2003

Thank you for ordering PrimeTime 2000. Your order has been processed. Please
quote order number "xxxxxxxxxxx" with any enquiry.
Your credit card/debit has been charged with the connection fee:
Activation Timing
Our line checker has indicated that service is available in your location..
We estimate that your service will be activated in approximately 15 working
days with exception to AllTime 1000 and AllTime 2000 which we estimate will
take approximately 20 working days. A line test will be carried out
immediately at the exchange to finally confirm service can be provided. In
the event that service cannot be provided we will advise you by email and
any charges made will be fully refunded to you.

Don't forget also that the price goes back up to their normal price on
1st September (40 inc vat)

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