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Default problem connecting to freedom2surf

"Harry Wheeldon" wrote in message
I have a problem connecting to the above ISP I can ping and tracert OK,

if I try to connect using the network connection it come up with
error 678. I am assuming the modem is setup OK (Billion 711ce). This a new
connection that has not worked before. Any help much appreciated

I've been having similar problems (the router boucing below) and had started
to get paranoid they were blocking specific IPS. But no, it is a problem so
all you can do is wait.


ADSL Routing Outage
By: Justin @ Jul 19 2003, 09:53 AM
Dear Users,

Many People may be experiencing such problems as not being able to get
to sites via the Freedom2Surf ADSL service, has took a
look at the problem, and the problem seems to be that Freedom2Surf Routers
are bouncing backwards and forwards between each other creating a loop so
the packets and data never leave the Freedom2Surf Network.

As a consequence of this, it is leaving many users unable to connect
to a fair sized number of websites, including our own Freedom2Support.
Freedom2Support would like to state that all of our systems are running
perfectly, and the problems that our users are experiencing connection to
the site are due to the problems at Freedom2Surf's end.

As ever, we will update you on the situation, and the problems as and
when we can, both via the forums, and via our mailing list.

Kind Regards.

Justin Johnson