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Default Are the latest long RFS dates likely to be moveable after end June??

In article , Sunil Sood

"robert w hall" wrote in message
But after end of June, under the new 'rollout' programme, ISPs will be
able to place orders immediately, rather than only within 150 days of
RFS. This appears to make bringing forward RFS dates for these exchanges
contractually difficult, if it's not happened by end June??

Is this a correct reading??


It is true that exchanges given RFS dates after June are less likely to be
varied - as BT will be working to a national/regional program of uipgrades
and havea much better idea of the timescales involved - but its not

As now, if they hit unexpected delays or something happens faster than they
would expect - dates can be moved.

Thanks for this Sunil - I was thinking mainly of the latest batch of RFS
dates for triggered/near-triggered exchanges, some of which look very
much like 'holding dates' (eg locally, Falfield. Winchcombe, St
Briavels). In the past one might have expected these RFS to move
substantially forward as the year progressed (if the rest of the forward
programme was implemented without using up the contingency time)

However, feedback I get suggests that this is much less likely once the
roll-out programme is out - even for the 'fully-triggered' exchanges.

Do your sources give a similar reading??

robert w hall